Below are just a few of the many advanced environmental products A Brite offers.
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Bentonite Clay Products

The Bentonite clay based formulations have the ability to separate oily contaminants from wastewater, precipitate metallic hydroxides, Ionically react with non-precipitated heavy metal cations and encapsulate the contaminants forming a non-hazardous waste. The procedure is simple, one step, and can be accomplished by either manual or with completely automatic equipment.

EnviroBrite DROPOUT

Highly concentrated liquid designed to precipitate heavy metals from aqueous mediums. Solutions treated with DROPOUT provide heavy metal precipitates that have much lower solubility’s and generate less sludge than their respective sodium and magnesium hydroxide precipitates. Effective over a wide pH range.

EnviroBrite WTC-815

Concentrated liquid material unique to A Brite, that produces stronger coagulation and floc action than is possible from inorganic iron and aluminum salts. It produces large, rapidly settling floc, yet reduces sludge volume. Ideal for breaking highly chelated waste streams, substantially reducing sludge and removing turbidity in the water.

EnviroBrite WTC-101

A concentrated solution of divalent metals and coagulants that are effective in breaking heavy metal chelates and oil emulsions from alkaline cleaner streams that are often associated with metal finishing waste streams.

EnviroBrite WTC-104

Assist the anionic polymer in flocculation of heavy metal precipitates. WTC-104 helps produce a dense rapidly settling floc and does so with less sludge volume than inorganic seeds such as ferrous sulfate and alum.

EnviroBrite WTC-111

Cationic flow aid used in place of inorganic iron and aluminum salts as a means to minimize sludge generation in hydroxide precipitation waste water treatment systems. Excellent coagulation properties when used in conjunction with anionic polymers.

EnviroBrite WTF-350

A medium molecular weight, anionic polymer used as a precipitation aid and sludge conditioner. It is designed to be used at full strength, eliminating the need to make up stock solutions prior to use, thus completely eliminating the make up difficulties of powders and emulsions.

EnviroBrite WTF-371

Full charge emulsion anionic polymer designed for maximum performance heavy metal precipitation. Diluted stock solutions are used at the rate of 8-10 ppm. Finest and most economical emulsion polymer available.

EnviroBrite WTD-530

Highly concentrated liquid, designed to defoam waste water streams. It is highly effective in defoaming cleaners, anodizing sealers, treated plating baths, screen room and other metal finishing effluent applications. Water based defoamer does not contain any silicone, silicates or petroleum products.