EnviroKLEEN FC - 500


ENVIROKLEEN FC 500 is a water-soluble, multi-purpose, general maintenance cleaner.  It does not contain hydrocarbon solvents or d’limonene hydrocarbon solvents.  It is safe on commonly used metals including aluminum and die-cast, and on plastics, rubber, porcelain, concrete, wood, tile, and most painted surfaces.

Will remove all types of oils and greases from machinery, fixtures, floors, and countertops and is ideal for general plant maintenance.  It is excellent as a “pre-treatment” soak cleaner prior to plating, chromating or phosphate lines.

May be applied by hand spray, power spray, immersion, mopping, or wiping.  It can be used in most any type of cleaning equipment, including: floor scrubbers, hot soak tanks, pressure washers, spray clean washers, spray tanks, ultrasonic and tank type washers. 

Makes an outstanding soak cleaner prior to plating, anodizing or as a stand alone aqueous cleaner process prior to machining or other processing.

Is environmentally safe and is 100% biodegradable.  Large volumes of discarded cleaner can be easily waste treated through conventional waste water treatment systems.

  • Ideal for multiple applications
  •  Pleasant odor
  •  Safe on most surfaces
  •  Use in or on most any equipment
  •  Hydrocarbon solvent free
  •  All-purpose cleaner
  •  Biodegradable

Low carbon steel, plastic, or fiberglass tanks are satisfactory as are steel heaters.  A tank design incorporating a dam overflow weir, filter and pump is highly recommended and will extend bath life.  ENVIROKLEEN FC 500 will perform well in most any power washer or steam cleaner.


ENVIROKLEEN FC 500 is stable on standing and has excellent shelf life.  The use of ENVIROKLEEN FC 500 requires the handling of industrial chemicals.  Avoid contact with skin and eyes.  If solution is splashed on skin or eyes, flush with large volumes of water.  Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for more specific information before using this product.


Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) are readily available on this product.  It is strongly recommended that all personnel thoroughly read and understand the information contained in both the Technical Data Sheet and the Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

85% of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors.

“I wanted to follow up with you on the recommendation you made for a floor cleaning product for our production and warehouse floors. We needed a floor cleaning solution that would work with both an automatic floor scrubber, manual mopping, and be compatible with our waste water filtration system. It leaves the floor clean and without any residual oil or coolant. This means the floor is no longer slippery. This makes the floors more safe and prevents slip and fall accidents for our employees. Our floors are now safe for our employees and accidents due to slippery floors are eliminated.”
Victor Perez, EHS Manager at Fitz Aerospace

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