Single Component Electroless Nickel Plating Solution by One-Plate

A Brite Company is a stocking distributor for One-Plate a single component electroless nickel plating solution available in Low, Mid, and High Phosphorous.

One-Plate is the only Electroless Nickel system that makes up and replenishes from the same single product. This ELV ROHS-compliant system is available in both Mid and High Phos. ONE PLATE offers an economical electroless nickel process designed for a uniform deposit over a variety of metals, alloys, and non-conductors.

Lower Cost

Makes up at 15% compared to Traditional EN which has a makeup between 21 – 22%.

Easy To Control

The patented single component vs the typical 3 means no chance for the bath to get out of balance.

Low temp

Plates as 183 F vs your current 193 F means you also save on energy costs and other heating expenses.

Less Sensitive to Freezing

Stable to -5 C compared to Traditional EN which is stable to 7C.

Bright Uniform Deposit

There are no compromises in the quality of the deposit and the simplicity means more consistent results.

Less Inventory

Because you use the same product for make up and maintenance you that’s less drums to buy and store.