EnviroKLEEN SC 635L


EnviroKLEEN SC-635L is a highly concentrated, very powerful liquid spray cleaner for steel, copper, brass, aluminum, die-cast and painted surfaces.  Its is non-caustic, non-silicated, non-phosphated, low-foaming formula is designed to remove drawing lubricants, quench oils, greases, soils, drawing and buffing compounds.

Has the tremendous capacity for penetrating surface soils, emulsifying those soils and dispersing them in solution.  This unique cleaning ability along with its all-metal formula makes it the ideal cleaner for spray and many soak applications.

Utilizes a unique surfactant system that allows operation at reduced temperatures.  It contains formulated defoamers blended into the product to minimizing foaming.  Its free rinsing properties assure a clean, film-free surface for the following processing stage.

Will also provide short-term corrosion protection of processed parts.  This non-nitrite protection is non-chalky or powdery and will not interfere with subsequent paint or plating processes.

Being liquid, mixes easily and uniformly, assuring proper bath balance without the dust and danger of powders.  Maintenance additions can be easily pumped in or metered in for close control. Is a non OSHA hazardous product that can be used as a general cleaner, being applied by hand spray, power spray, immersion, mopping or wiping.  It will remove all types of oils and greases from machinery, fixtures, floors, and countertops.

  • Safe, powerful cleaning action.
  •  Built-in rust preventative.
  •  Easy to make-up and maintain.
  •  Ideal for cleaning a wide variety metals and soils.
  •  Multiple applications.
  •  Low foaming.
  •  Operates at reduced temperatures.
  •  Biodegradable.

A steel tank and heaters or steam plate coil is satisfactory.  A tank design incorporating a overflow weir and filter is highly recommended.  It will substantially increase bath life and improve the quality of processed parts.


EnviroKLEEN SC-635L is stable on standing and has excellent shelf life.  The use of EnviroKleen SC-635L requires the handling of alkaline, industrial cleaning chemicals.  Avoid contact with skin and eyes.  Always wear proper protective clothing, face shield, rubber boots and gloves.  Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for more complete information before using this product.


Safety Data Sheets (S.D.S.) are readily available on this product.  It is strongly recommended that all personnel thoroughly read and understand the information contained in both the Technical Data Sheet and the Safety Data Sheet before using this product.