Used Rectifier Sales & Service

Used Rectifier Sales & Service

A Brite’s Rectifier Repair and Consultation Services are offered both on-site at your facility or here in our Dallas operation. We also repair pumps, motors, and other pieces of equipment. Trip charges $180, hourly fee $90 + parts.

In addition, we also offer rectifier rental, lease and rent-to-own programs. Whether your rectifier needs to be taken out for needed repairs or you want to upgrade or always have the most up-to-date technology on your line, we have an option for you. Call your sales reps for details.

We also buy functioning used rectifiers and will take them on trade for the cost of a new rectifiers. Please note the rectifiers we currently have in stock. This list is updated regularly, so call for actual availability.

Call us TODAY to order at 1-888-822-7483 or email us.

Refurbished Rectifiers for Sale

Manufacturer Amps/Voltage Input Features Price
Rapid 50 amp / 12v 115v  Manual powerstat $750
Technic 100 amp / 12v 115v  Manual powerstat $1,100
Rapid 150 amp / 12v 115v  Manual powerstat $1,400
Rapid 300 amp / 75v 480v SCR Remote $2,500
Aldonex 1000 amp / 6v 230v Manual powerstat $3,450
Aldonex 1000 amp / 3-12v 230v Tap Switch $2,650
Rapid 1000 amp / 3-12v 480v 3P Tap Switch $2,875
Dynapower 3000 amp / 28v 480v 3P Remote $8,000
Clinton 6000 amp / 12v 480v 3P Tap Switch $9,000
Rapid 750 amp / 6v

A Brite Company has both new & refurbished rectifiers for sale or lease. We also custom-build rectifiers of any size in 1-2 weeks.