Rectifier Sales, Repair & Service

Rectifiers are the heart and soul of any plating line. They regulate the power of the current between the anode and cathode during the plating process. Depending on the system, they can range in size from only a few volts and amps to upwards of 10,000 amps. And proper rectifier operation is a must to ensure optimal plating and anodizing performance.

A Brite Company is your source for DC rectifiers as well as pulse rectifiers. Our goal is to provide you with the best-matched rectifier in size and output for your process. We sell new and used equipment and offer refurbishment packages as well as sell-reconditioned units.

A Brite’s Rectifier Repair and Consultation Services are offered both on-site at your facility or here in our Dallas operation. We also repair pumps, motors, and other pieces of equipment. Trip charges $180, hourly fee $90 + parts.

We also buy functioning used rectifiers and will take them on trade for the cost of a new rectifier.

In addition to the rectifiers we currently have in stock below, we can custom make any size rectifier in usually 1-2 weeks.

Refurbished Rectifiers for Sale

Item# Model Amperage Input Other Features Price
01 Rapid 50 amp 12V 115 $750
02 Technic 100 amp 12V 115 $1,100
03 Rapid 150 amp 12V 115 $1,400
04 Rapid 300 amp 75V 480 SCR Remote $2,800
05 Aldonex 1000 amp 6V 230 Manual Pwst $2,650
06 Aldonex 1000 amp 3-12V 230 Tap Switch $2,500
07 Rapid 1000 amp 3-12V 230 Tap Switch $2,850
08 Rapid 1200 amp 30V 230 SCR Remote $7,000
09 Dynapower 1500 amp 12V 480 SCR Remote $5,500
10 Rapid 3000 amp 12V 240 Remote $7,500
11 Rapid 4000 amp 3-12V 240 Tap Switch $7,200
12 Rapid 1000 amp 12V 230 Motorizede powerstat remote TBD
13 Rapid 500 amp 12V 230 Remote TBD

A Brite Company sells both new & refurbished rectifiers. We also custom-build rectifiers of any size in 1-2 weeks.