Rectifier Rental Program

Rent a High-Efficiency Rectifier from Green Power Products (GPP), while we repair your current rectifier.

A broken rectifier can stop your production for days and cost your company thousands of dollars. ?Which is problematic to your bottom line. Green Power Products (GPP), an A Brite Company, has an easy solution for you!

GPP designs and builds some of the most advanced high-performance pulse- and DC-rectifiers in the industry. Our rectifiers can be used in surface finishing and waste treatment applications. They are compact, rugged and highly corrosion resistant, not to mention energy efficient. Now they are available for rent!

To ensure each rectifier is optimized to fit your plating line’s specific configuration, an expert will be on-site to manage the installation process. Our experts will even test the pulse and DC settings and help you determine which option is the most effective.

Amps Voltage Input Phase Cooled Dimensions
Net Weight
Daily Rental Fee
0-50 12
110 Single Air H=19 x W=17 x D=13″
30lbs $25
51-200 12
240 Single Air H=19 x W=17 x D=13″
40lbs $50
GP21P-1500/12 201-1500 12
240 3 Water H=24 x W=20 x D=12″ 90lbs $75
GP21P-3000/12 1501-3000 12
480 3 Water H=42 x W=32 x D=13″ 180lbs $100

30 Day Minimum Rental * Trip Fee: $200 * Installation Consultant Fee: $150/hour * Mileage expenses incurred for facilities located outside of the Dallas area.

A Brite Company / GPP will quickly provide an estimate for repairs on your current rectifier. ?Should you decide to purchase the rented rectifier under the 30 day period, we will credit the rental fee towards the purchase of the rented rectifier and buy your old rectifier. You save money, time, never go without a rectifier and keep your production moving!

Rectifier Features

  • Engineered to easily integrate with most production lines
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact & lightweight design
  • Wide range of output current options
  • State of the art cooling system

Rectifier Applications

  • Plating
  • Anodizing
  • Electropolishing
  • Electrocoagulation