Post-Treatment Chemicals

While most post-treatment of finished surfaces may consist of simple washes, others may include corrosion control or other protection. In addition to finishing the process, many post-treatment chemicals and steps could involve adding extra protection coatings and baths.

We limit our description of post-treatment of surface finishing processes to cleaning and protection. Waste control, treatment and disposal is covered by our waste water business unit.

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Chromate Conversion Coatings

Family Products Description
PermaPass Series
Tridip, Blu, 105, 132, CR-1
All PermaPass processes are liquid trivalent chromate conversion coatings for all electrodeposited zinc surfaces. They provide a highly polished surface while passivating zinc surfaces leaving a bluer finish than conventional trivalent chromates.
Enthox PITCHBLACK Chromate Systems are designed to provide a uniform, consistent black deposit on all types of electroplated zinc. They have been specifically formulated for high production loads, where ease of use, consistent color and a high degree of corrosion protection are desired. PITCHBLACK provides a coating that is glossy, non-iridescent and non-conductive, with better adhesion and hardness than competitive black chromate coatings.
Yellow 2LA, Yellow 2LS
All Enthox YELLOWS are highly concentrated liquids or powders that are designed to produce a wide range of finished coatings from iridescent yellow, golden bronze or leach-clear chromate conversion coating on zinc and cadmium plated surfaces, zinc die-castings or hot dip galvanized parts. It does not require additions of nitric acid. They are formulated for use on any type of zinc electrolyte, chromating cycle, or equipment used.
Blue 1L
Easy to use hexavalent liquid and powder chromates that produce a clean, clear finish with a pronounced blue hue. Low operating concentrations, long bath life and overall economy contribute to this series of chromates as being the premium hex chromates in the industry.
Iridite 14
Chromate conversion coatings for Aluminum. Aerospace approvals.

Specialty support and protection chemistry

Family Products Description
A water emulsifiable rust preventative oil designed to provide exceptional corrosion protection on bare steel, phosphated metal, black oxide, chromate conversion coatings and organic coatings. It produces a dry to the touch to an oily film, depending upon the finish desired.
Dyne 30 MS
The Ankor Dynes Series of products are used in chromic acid baths to create and maintain a foam blanket that prevents chromic acid mist and noxious fumes from entering the atmosphere. It also lowers the surface tension of the bath, effectively reducing drag-out of the solution.
This is a unique, chrome free, highly concentrated material, that is used to apply a thin, invisible, highly protective film on copper and brass. Unlike lacquers or oils, it reacts with the parts surface to form a superior corrosion and tarnish barrier. CU-56 is safe and economical to use, and does not create a waste treatment problem.
RP 902 YY
This product is designed to apply a thin, dry, corrosion resistant film on any plated surface. It has been specifically designed to be utilized as a post-dip following any trivalent chrome plating process. It substantially improves the performance of the plated parts by reducing the rusting problems so often encountered with trivalent chrome plating. Leaves a dry to the touch finish that will not interfere with any post-treatment processes.
JS 500
JS 500
Sealer for zinc plated surfaces


Family Products Description
Highly alkaline, heavily chelated, soak cleaner/descaler designed to remove heavy rust, carbon smut, oxides, scale, weld discoloration and paints from steel and stainless steel. Can be used on critical parts that cannot tolerate hydrogen embrittlement normally associated with acid pickles. No chemical attack as with conventional acid treatments. Compatible with most soak and electrocleaners. Can be utilized in the cleaner tank to boost the cleaning performance and efficiency of most cleaners.
Designed to safely remove anodized coatings from aluminum. It works quickly and effectively without attack on the aluminum substrate.
Removes electrolytic and electroless nickel deposits from copper, brass, zinc die-cast and steel by immersion. Ease of operation, no fuming, almost complete elimination of operator hazards and simplifies waste treatment of the bath. Strips electrolytic nickel deposits at the rate of 1-2 mils per hour and dissolve 2.5 to 6 ounces of nickel metal per gallon of solution.
Electrolytically removes metallic coatings, such as copper/nickel/chrome build-up from stainless steel plating racks. Metals are removed by anodic dissolution and physical desegregation. Even thick, multiple layers of coatings can be quickly and completely removed.
Solder Enstrip
Removes tin-lead and tin deposits from copper and copper based alloys. It provides fast, safe stripping without etching the base metal.


Family Products Description
Permapass Tridip
A trivalent chromate conversion coating for all electrodeposited zinc surfaces. It provides a highly polished surface while passivating zinc surfaces leaving a bluer finish than conventional trivalent chromates. The results are a more consistent blue-bright finish that is reproducible load after load. It has much higher tolerance to impurities resulting in far less discoloration and yellowing associated with co-deposited iron. Also, far fewer problems are encountered with zinc stripping from low current densities due to its low zinc removal properties. “TRIDIP 105, when used in conjunction with BRITEGUARD Yellow 133 and BRITEGUARD RP-81, provides a high corrosion resistant trivalent yellow conversion coating.”
Permapass Tridip
A specially formulated one component liquid, chrome VI-free, single-dip process that does not require additions of nitric acid. This trivalent chromate conversion coating is ideal for cyanide, alkaline non-cyanide, chloride, zinc/iron and zinc/cobalt electrodeposited zinc surfaces leaving a pronounced blue-bright film. When properly applied, it provides a finish that produces less than 5% white salts after 150 hours of neutral salt spray. This exceeds auto industry specifications (GME-00252 and GMW-3044C). “When used in conjunction with BRITEGUARD Yellow 133 and BRITEGUARD RP-81 or 89, provides a high corrosion resistant trivalent yellow conversion coating.”
Permapass Surtec and Chromital
650, TCP
A chemical process that produces a highly corrosion resistant trivalent chromate conversion coating on aluminum and aluminum alloys. It can be applied by brush, spray or immersion. The color of the coating can be varied from faint blue to tan and iridescent. It also makes an excellent base for organic coatings (paint & powder coat). ChromitAL TCP is a drop in replacement for conventional hex-chrome coatings and matches or exceeds the properties of hex-chrome solutions. SurTec 650 chromitAL TCP is approved under Spec. MIL-DTL-81706, the Qualified Products List for Spec. MIL-C-5541 Type II, Class A&B, Form II, Method A & C. (336 hrs min. to NSS per ASTM B-117).
Tripass ELV Tecblue
High performance blue passivate for zinc plated surfaces