Wastewater is divided primarily into two categories – Domestic and Industrial. A Brite Company stocks and sells our own line of waste water treatment chemicals and equipment. No matter what type of waste stream our customers have, we can clean up the mess and make our customers more Eco friendly.


Domestic waste water typically comes from households and businesses as a result of personal sanitary needs. It may include dishwater at a restaurant or general floor mopping at an office building as well. We are currently looking at transitioning our product line to the domestic market to tackle everyday household water challenges to lower water consumption and to save the environment.


Industrial waste water encompasses a wider array of sources as you would expect. For example, rinses from metal plating operations, quenches from a foundry, coolant waste from milling, rinses from manufacturing of food products, and so forth. These types of wastewater contain heavier than normal levels of contaminants and in most instances are required by local, state, and federal agencies to meet certain regulatory standards set forth in the Clean Water Act.

A Brite Company provides treatment products, treatment systems, recycling systems and custom solutions to industry to assist them in achieving their goals. Those goals may be to reclaim and repurpose its wastewater, increase yield in recoverable metals – precious or otherwise, reduce raw materials consumption through recycling, or to achieve consistent compliance with allowable discharge parameters. A Brite Company is capable of providing a solution to meet your industrial treatment needs.