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By law, A Brite Company is required to make available material data sheets and information for the products we manufacture and resell. Please call or contact us to request specific information.

If you are thinking of starting a plating line or powder coating system, be sure and refer to these organizations before you start committing time and resources.

Below are several groups that we feel may help with related issues on federal regulations.



This link contains links to the EPA’s Ombudsman and EPA’s SBAP. Small business training information is also included, which provides industry-specific infor via videotapes and manuals. Also has compliance assistance/pollution prevention information on selected industries, including the metal finishing industry.

Publications are also offered on the website which include these titles: Hazardous Waste Permitting Guide, Understanding the Hazardous Waste Rules: A Handbook for Small Businesses, and the Decision Makers’ Guide to Solid Waste Management.

Environmental Protection Agency



This website contains a short list of factsheets on a variety of issues including electroplating and auto refinishing which can be downloaded into WordPerfect.

We have many years of experience helping our customers stay in compliance with the government. If you have question or concerns about your companies environmental waste issues, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-8227483. We’re here to help!

Environmental Protection Agency

Small Business

  • Site contains a publication link to a large listing of available environmental publications.
  • Site also includes a compliance assistance link which shows a summary of major environmental laws as well as state small business assistance programs.

Environmental Protection Agency


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is the environmental agency for the state of Texas, where we (A Brite) operate. To visit them click here.

Environmental Protection Agency