A Brite Cleaners

At the heart of an efficient, compliant and productive manufacturing facility is cleanliness. From the floor and general-purpose cleaning to industrial cleaners used in manufacturing processes, A Brite Company will either find or blend the best solution to your problem.

Our chemical cleaners are typically water-soluble, multi-purpose general maintenance cleaners. Hydrocarbon-free and bio-degradable, they are safe to use on most surfaces.

We are also able to custom (toll) blend most any formula of cleaner for your purposes. From general purpose to process-controlled cleaners (used either in immersion or by spray), if you have a purpose and/or a formula, we can blend it and package it in whatever quantities of packaging you desire.

Our experts understand a broad range of manufacturing facilities and processes. Consequently, they collaborate with you on the best options for the cleaning of your facility and machinery. While we generally offer up free consultation to provide the best answers for you initially, we are also available for broader-reaching and specific project consultation.

OSHA Non Hazardous > General Purpose

Family Products Description
ENVIROKLEEN SC-635L is a highly concentrated, very powerful Non OSHA Hazardous liquid spray cleaner for steel, copper, brass, aluminum, die-cast and painted surfaces. Its is non-caustic, non-silicated, non-phosphated, low-foaming formula is designed to remove drawing lubricants, quench oils, greases, soils, drawing and buffing compounds.

All Purpose Cleaner > Industrial

Family Products Description
ENVIROKLEEN FC 500 is a water-soluble, multi-purpose, general maintenance cleaner.  It does not contain hydrocarbon solvents or d’limonene hydrocarbon solvents.  It is safe on commonly used metals including aluminum and die-cast, and on plastics, rubber, porcelain, concrete, wood, tile, and most painted surfaces.Will remove all types of oils and greases from machinery, fixtures, floors, and countertops and is ideal for general plant maintenance.  It is excellent as a “pre-treatment” soak cleaner prior to plating, chromating or phosphate lines. May be applied by hand spray, power spray, immersion, mopping, or wiping.  It can be used in most any type of cleaning equipment, including: floor scrubbers, hot soak tanks, pressure washers, spray clean washers, spray tanks, ultrasonic and tank type washers.

Spray Cleaner > Parts

Family Products Description
SC 127L
EnviroKLEEN 127L is a highly concentrated, very powerful liquid spray cleaner for steel, copper, brass, aluminum and die-cast. Its is non-caustic, non-silicated, non-phosphated, low-foaming formula is designed to remove drawing lubricants, quench oils, greases, drawing and buffing compounds.
CLEANER 1723 is a Biodegradable non-silicated, non-phosphated, chelated, liquid alkaline material designed to offer exceptional cleaning on steel surfaces. Provides mild etchin on aluminum surfaces and extrusions. CLEANER 1723 is low to virtually no foaming, highly concentrated product that is easy to make up and maintain. It readily floats contaminated oils to the surface for easy skimming.

Immersion Baths > Parts

Family Products Description
EnviroKleen AP – 351 is a heavy duty, silicated, phosphated, non-chelated, non-etch, powdered alkaline cleaner designed to remove a wide variety of oils, soils and buffing compounds from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloys, zinc die-cast, copper, and brass. AP – 351 has tremendous capacity for penetrating surface soils, emulsifying those soils and dispersing them in solution. It contains superior reserve power to keep emulsifying soils for extended periods of time, lengthening the time between bath changes.