A Brite Waste Water Solutions

As veterans of the surface finishing industry, we know what comprises most waste generated by manufacturing processes. From processing to disposal, we have developed this allied business from our expertise.

We can identify waste from samples in our lab and come up with appropriate plans for its treatment and disposal. Our laboratory team is deep in number, experience and education. There are few situations they haven’t seen.

Systems we have developed and customized for specific customers allow us to treat a variety of waste materials. From specialized membrane systems and ultra-filtration to custom flow thru and bentonite clay dispensing systems, we have specified, built and installed a variety of systems across a myriad of industries.

Our expertise in regulatory requirements completes the process and allows us to help our clients save from beginning to end. Knowing what a municipality requires before designing a process, ensures that the cost of waste treatment is at its optimal minimums.

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© 2022 A Brite Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2022 A Brite Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.