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Designing a new surface finishing line? We can help with ALL aspects, including equipment, chemistry, and consumables. We provide ongoing analytical, technical, and service support for your new plating line project. Our long history and extensive experience as a chemical & equipment supplier enables us to offer a one-stop turn-key experience for your project.

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A Brite Company is Your One-Stop Provider for Turn-key Plating Line Projects, Products & Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plating lines can you help us with?

A Brite Company has helped with many types of lines, including automated rack and barrel systems. We sell and support a full range of finishing products including Nickel, Zinc-Nickel, Copper, Silver, Gold, Chrome, Zinc, Cadmium, EN, and anodizing systems. Because we represent many of the top names in the industry, we can recommend a best-in-class system specific to your requirements.

What Criteria do you Need to Know to start a new electroplating line?

When it comes to specifying a new plating line there are many considerations. Criteria such as the size and shape of the parts, the volume you expect, the process needed, compliance standards, testing plans, and of course budget are just some of these important considerations. With so many variables and options, it’s important to choose a good partner who has seen it all and can be in your corner during the project. With decades of experience, our technical staff and leadership have helped many companies navigate these types of projects.

What types of equipment do I need to spec out when building a new plating line?

The equipment used in a plating line is very extensive, and there are hundreds of options on the market, so we obviously won’t list that here. It’s important to note that there are several major systems in a plating line including material handling, rectification, waste treatment, as well as the plating line itself. When you work with us we provide turn-key systems specified with best-in-class products. We also provide continued support after installation and can work with equipment manufacturers to resolve any problems.

We represent some of the best equipment manufacturers on the market

Why you should work with us

We Are Experts

Our technical sales team and lab staff have over 300 years of combined experience. If you have a problem to solve or a process that can be improved, we can help you resolve issues quickly, optimize processes and improve results.

We Solve Problems

For over 40+ years A Brite has provided hands-on technical problem solving, developed new proprietary products, and production of chemistry and specialized equipment used across the entire metal finishing industry.

One-Stop Resource

We service and support all aspects of the finishing industry. From the front door to the outgoing shipping dock, we can help, whether it be with chemistry, commodities, equipment, lab analysis, or even wastewater treatment. One relationship that opens up a world of opportunities.

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3. Quote Submitted

Based upon findings from our team and partners you will receive a complete quote ready for budgeting and approval within your organization. Our experts will be there to answer any questions you may have.

 About A Brite Company


If you are looking to complete a new electroplating or anodizing line, you need someone with experience in your corner that represents your interest. At A Brite Company, we prioritize long-term relationships over quick-term gains. That means we do what is right by the customer no matter what.

We partner with some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Our multiple partners have decades of experience and have built hundreds of facilities all over the world.