Fitz Aerospace Standardizes on EnviroKleen FC500 Floor Cleaning Solution to Keep Their Manufacturing Facility Floors Clean and Safe

When they needed a floor cleaning solution that would work with automatic as well as manual floor cleaning methods in their manufacturing facility, Fitz Aerospace was faced with a challenge.

“We manufacture aerospace components with the help of our 35 CNC lathes and mills, on our shop floor,” Victor Perez said. “These machines leave significant oil and coolant debris on the floor of the factory. We needed a floor cleaning solution that was versatile enough to work with automatic scrubbers as well as manual mopping and be compatible with our waste water filtration system all at the same time.”

Mr. Perez is the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Manager for Fitz, based in North Richland Hills, Texas. Fitz Aerospace is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high precision aerospace components, including bushings, fasteners and machined parts for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the globe.

Fitz turned to A Brite Company in Garland, Texas, for a recommendation. Dan Dunigan, Vice President of A Brite, immediately recommended EnviroKleen FC500 floor cleaner.

“FC500 is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, economical and very concentrated,” Dan said. “It was the best cleaner for Fitz’s application because it requires a much lower concentration to be effective,” he said.

A Brite Company is a leader in metal finishing and environmental technology, based in Garland, Texas. Wastewater treatment equipment, chemistries and services are key parts of the company’s offerings.

“We tested and are now using FC500 in our walk-behind floor scrubber,” Mr. Perez continued. “It leaves the floor clean and without any residual oil or coolant debris. Our floors are now safe for our employees and accidents have been all but eliminated,” he said. “And the solution is completely compatible with our filtration system.”

For more information about FC500 or any other products or services related to wastewater treatment and metal finishing for manufacturing, you can reach A Brite Company at 1-888-822-7483, or visit the